Best of the Week – Week 3, 2013 Edition

Having digested the entire internet and some of the real world, I present to you a non-scientific list, the best of this week. Good or bad, these are the things I noticed and decided to call the best. If I’m using “best” wrong (i.e. you disagree), please let me know.

On to the best:

  • Aimee Mann in SoundOpinions studio

    Aimee Mann, live in SoundOpinions studio

    Aimee Mann, who appeared on a recent broadcast of SoundOpinions. I’m not a fan of her music, generally, but I’ve been charmed by her genuineness and her practical gentle outlook on the world.I remember seeing her on Portlandia , not taking herself too seriously. In the recent interview, she showed great awareness of her limits, even recognizing that her beliefs on illegal music sharing might be understood differently by others. I have never been and always wished to be that clearly inside the boundaries of me.

  •, a kind of casual literary blog produced somewhere in the vicinity of Spokane. It is literary, but it is not inaccessible. The writers seem to mostly have some past or present affiliation with the Eastern Washington University creative writing MFA program. Posts range from observational to fictional to humorous (not mutually exclusive!). Particularly fun is the work of Leyna Krow. Her contributions often start out feeling like a serious, semi-dry, but interesting point of literary observation, until the quiet low-key silliness sneaks up and takes over.
  • lgbticons, where I found myself urgently wanting to comment but having absolutely nothing to say (I came up with something). This site explores iconic figures in the LGBT world, but does so in a nice place somewhere between trivial and polemic. For those of us who are both not afraid of LGBT and not living inside an overtly LGBT world*, it tells a story we’d rarely hear.

* I live in a place where people are generally quite LGBT friendly, but there are also plenty of too-comfortable closets.

What did you notice this week?


Am I wrong?