January’s Monthly Music Binge

In order to ration my passion, I save all my music purchases for one crazy binge each month. Why? Because it’s fun? I don’t know. I just do it that way.

So, at the risk of getting all Facebooky on ya’, here’s this month’s music binge:



The eponymous first album from METZ: I went back and forth on buying this for a few months. On the one hand, the album snippets I heard on line, sounded like an amazing bunch of barely controlled noise. On the other hand, the live videos sounded like the noise got out of control, took over, and made the band into mere puppets of noise (band name idea?). I’m guessing they’re a great band live, great on the album, and a poor candidate for a live album. On the album, I think I’ve never heard such professionally created chaos.



The Lion's Roar by First Aid Kit

The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit’s The Lion’s Roar: In my household, we have 2 different, sometimes overlapping, ranges of musical taste. I was surprised when … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s Lost Songs worked for both of us. It was well into my neighborhood of brutal, intense or noisy music. So, I thought I should move pretty far to the other end and try out what I’m guessing is delicate sounding country/folk. We’ll see how it works. My early impressions are mixed.



The Money Store by Death Grips

The Money Store by Death Grips

Death Grips’ The Money Store: Unlike METZ, these live videos looked/sounded great and I’ve heard reality is even better. The back story of the band is fascinating and both confusing and a bit unsettling (best told by Pitchfork). A quick first listen tells me that their version of hip hop is just as brutal as Gonjasufi’s version is psychedelic. It’s intense and personal and alienating, all at once. This will NOT be an every day listen, but when my mood calls for intensity and something almost danceable, this will be at the top of the list.



Carrion Crawler/The Dream by Thee Oh Sees

Carrion Crawler/The Dream by Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees’ Carrion Crawler/The Dream: I loved Slaughterhouse from the Ty Segall Band and this album seemed like a version of that album, recorded just after the fuzz pedal explodes. A brief listen confirms it has a loose (not sloppy) sound that’s almost exactly what I was looking for. Another fine bunch of guitar-driven chaos! I’ve been waiting for something that mixes well with Slaughterhouse. Now if only my iPhone music app could figure it out. Do I have to do it myself? With my own fingers?



Almanac by Widowspeak

Almanac by Widowspeak

Widowspeak’s Almanac: I was an early adopter and big fan of their eponymous first album and have been eagerly awaiting their second album. Sophomore curse? I don’t think so, but, with the added instrumentation, the sparseness has vanished. I really fell for and identified with the sparseness of their first album so I’ll need to take a small step back before I make any long term judgments.



Hopefully, this will be enough ear food to last ’til February’s music binge.

2 thoughts on “January’s Monthly Music Binge

  1. I’ve been enjoying the brutal buzz saw of METZ for awhile now. They have the potential to build on the raw nerve angst and make something resembling pop music; albeit pop music enjoyed at eardrum shattering volume. It sounds like a Steve Albini-produced album, though not produced by Steve Albini. A live album wouldn’t serve a purpose, as the studio record sounds like it was recorded live in someones garage drunkenly at 2am.

    First Aid Kit I haven’t listened to enough to make a judgement, though the album cover did remind me of a gender-switched version of MGMT.

    Death Grips…..I just can’t do it. I’ve tried and tried, but that album is like the smell of well-burnt popcorn in aural form to me. Something that can’t leave the air soon enough. I think my street cred drops significantly because of my opinion of this record, and I’ll live with the shame I suppose.

    Haven’t heard the Thee Oh Sees record. But I did enjoy Segall’s Slaughterhouse, so I’ll give it a spin. And I’m enjoying the Widowspeak record. I’d love to see a collaboration between them and Midlake…or at least a tour together. Captured Tracks has some amazing artists on their roster.

    • Working backwards (yad eht fo laog yM),

      Captured Tracks has my firm attention.

      Death Grips? I get it. There’s no shame there. I’ll wear it as my badge of coolness while spending more listening time on other less-cool things. I won’t reach as far as their phallus covered followup album … I have some prudery left!

      First Aid Kit? Be cautious. Some good songs, but, unless you’re, say, a Fleet Foxes fan (not me), or a rabid fan of my local radio station, just be careful.

      METZ? That noise is perfect anywhere. Lost subtlety in the car? No problem. Headphones? Great, you can hear the dance of the Dremel playing with the chainsaw. Inconvenient relatives visiting? It’s the cure.

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