The Japandroids Bug Me

I’ve got a bone to pick with the Japandroids. I should love them. Everyone else does. After all, they’ve got the noise thing going on. They sound like they’ll always be comfortable in the garage. They seem more concerned with making a good song than a perfectly crafted masterpiece. They’ve got everything going for them. Just not enough for me. I only require 2 reasons to make that decision:

  1. The songs seem to have just one dynamic: on. In between the songs: off. The result is an album length light switch test.
  2. In about a quarter of the songs, including the best ones, the background vocal is a nearly identical “Whoa, oh, oh, oh” in the same sequence and intervals. Could you reverse it, sometimes? Could you “yeah” it sometimes? Please, just change it up a little! Apparently, it works in live shows.

Those are my silly pet peeves and I’m not sure why I hold it against them. After all, No Age has a similar constant volume and they seem to fit with everything I listen to. Although I can’t be bothered to check, I’m sure someone else over-uses the same background vocal.

So, I don’t like the music of the Japandroids. Fortunately for them, it doesn’t matter since I’ve purchased every Japandroids release I can find. I went even further and searched out other Vancouver-area bands like (Nu Sensae and White Lung) which I now love.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the Japandroids get so much positive attention. They worked for it and, when they least expected it, they exploded. Disliking the Japandroids is like hating Radiohead (which I don’t). Among a certain crowd, it’s just not done! So to prove my faulty independent taste, I don’t care for the music of the Japandroids. If they’d do a cool  cover song video with Iggy Pop, I’d consider changing my mind … or maybe not.

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Am I wrong?