Best of the Week – Week 10, 2013

There can only be one truly best thing this week, the blizzard predicted to overtake our fair city and, by the time you read this, bury us under a deep carpet of white. Yes, that must be one best thing … but I could be wrong. Consider:trombone

  • I am Justin Timberlake. No really, I am. Look and see. It’s perfectly obvious. Well, at least Jess from Waiting on a Word says I am and I believe her. I don’t know why you or anyone else is having such a hard time believing it. Justin …errr, I … probably played in a middle school band, right?
  • Dave Grohl. Stevie Nicks. Rick Springfield. Strange multiple choice answers? No, the Sound City Players. It seems that this unlikely bunch, and several other equally unlikely folk are appearing together at the upcoming music extravaganza know as South-by-Southwest (SXSW). Why them? I’m glad you asked. Apparently, Dave Grohl, of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, made a movie about an element of musical history. Not about a musician. Not about a song. Not about a genre. About a soundboard he recently purchased from the Sound City studio. Not just any soundboard, mind you, but the one used for a variety of famous recordings featuring members of the Sound City Players. Really? A soundboard? I’m no audiophile (I try not to be anything-phile), but I think it’s fair to say that a soundboard accounts for less than 1% of the quality of any recorded performance. Just my opinion. By the way, that Stevie Nicks? I think she could really

    Nashville Zoo: Zoo Welcomes Birth of Baird’s Tapir

    become a big star some day. All she needs is the right microphone cord. A big star … I called it here first.
  • I’m a sucker for cute things, but, when we, in our household, saw this image of a Baird’s tapir, we wanted one. Really bad. After a 400 day gestation period, it better be cute! Maybe it would make up for my masturbating goat “trauma”. Then again, as adults, they weigh over 300 pounds and, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely to have dainty little poops. It’s basically a funny looking pig! I’ll just live with the goat stuff.


Being Justin Timberlake? In the end, it worked out for the best. Take that, JT. Here’s you in another decade. Scared you, didn’t I?

15 thoughts on “Best of the Week – Week 10, 2013

    • I’m happy to help! She’s got real potential. I can see her doing some song named, ummm, maybe “The Cusp of Thirty-Two” or “Don’t Pull My Kidney Around” or somewhat similar. Just a feeling I have about her.

  1. What are you playing at?! you can’t reveal your realness on the internet, its just crawling with perverts and weirdoes – strange goat-fixated cycling statisticians and grown men playing with Lego and Ratt. have you truly taken leave of your senses?!

    • I just figured that it’d be safe now that I have my surgery scheduled. Besides, once I start talking about work everyone runs screaming anyway. I’m protected by a fear of numbers!

      • A trombone man, ehh? You know what they say about those trombone players? Do you? Cause I don’t. No one will tell me. I’m guessing pretty decent folk.

        My wife was what they called a “band geek”. She and her fellow band-ites wore that moniker(and monacle…Carla Denning, first chair tenor sax player, quirky, wore a monocle) with pride. She(my wife, not Carla) actually went to ETSU on a music scholarship for her bassoon prowess. The tradition continues as my oldest is playing the oboe in 7th grade band. We are the most sports uninformed family on the block, and we’re okay with that.

        The Neve is a magical soundboard. Never underestimate its ability to turn out sonic gold. Having said that, you must be talented to begin with. It’s not a miracle worker, Warrant!

        • I was a tromboner … wait that doesn’t sound right. We were both the worst section in the band and the most enthusiastic. Maybe we were trombonists? Trombonistas? This game is fun!

          I’ll have to trust you on the value of the Neve soundboard. I suspect that, whatever its contribution, I will still credit the performer first. Hopefully, Mr. Neve’s feelings aren’t too hurt by that.

        • You’ve got a double reed kind of family! To me, those sound worst of all instruments when played poorly and best of all when played well.

          • You are correct on both counts. We’re at the “hmm, it sounds nice” phase in her oboe pursuits. The cat that was mewing its death knell to us every night has either died, or was miraculously healed and tunneled its way out of the basement.

          • I always thought of the early
            phases as ‘tortured duck’. Maybe that’s more a bassoon thing.

  2. Nice to ‘meet’ you. Better being Justin Timberlake than the Beeb…;) As for Stevie Nicks…I think you might be right on with that prediction :)

    • Howdy, I have actually had a Biebster hair style, not because it was in any way fashionable, but more out of mother-son conflict than anything else. Ah, when haircuts were the weightiest discussion I had … I actually don’t miss that.

      • His hair is fine…ish…it the fact he haunts me everywhere I go! Seriously, you cant walk in a store these days without seeing him. I actually liked my mothers choice of hairstyles, but then, I never had taste back then šŸ˜‰

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