Best of the Week, Week 13, 2013

Yes, I appreciate a lot of things, near and far. Yes, I support goodness and joy over the entire world. Do I do my part? No, at least not enough. But I know who does. I know the secret. OK, you probably didn’t hear the crescendo of dramatic music in the background. You probably didn’t see the tall goofy man imitating a motivational speaker. You really didn’t miss anything … unless you already missed the following things, the best of my week:

Baby Rothchilds giraffe at the LEO Zoo

Baby Rothchilds giraffe at the LEO Zoo

Why are baby animals so cute? In order to make us forgive their random excretions, biting, scratching, and general mess-making. That’s my theory and, since I’m good at science-talking, it must be true. Whatever the reason, this particular giraffe caught my eye while watching one of the morning news programs (isn’t ‘programme’ a prettier spelling?). This giraffe got me thinking about volunteering at a local animal shelter. I’m no animal expert, but I do have a way with animals, so naturally it makes sense to offer to clean the poop and pee of unknown animals, particularly when I wasn’t so good at doing that when I had my own (they still lived to happy old ages). Add in some moments of mushiness remembering lost animals and I’d changed my mind. Maybe another time, when my vision is obscured by localized moistness (I’m sure it was the ambient humidity). In that respect, I’m not as good as I’d like to be.

For those of you in the US who spent more than 5 seconds on the news, you’d know that this past week included arguments before the Supreme Court about two cases regarding the (il)legality of same sex marriage. I have a real opinion on that. I’m not undecided. But, did I have the courage to post on it or to host my own discussion? No. I did not. Why? Maybe cowardice. Really, it’s because I want to behave moderately even though I’m not politically moderate. I want to befriend radicals and moderates of all stripes (No plaids, please. Tartans are fine). So I choose a form of silence. Other’s didn’t and I want to point out two of the many who did well. On one side was a post on Once Written that argued against my preferred position in a way that allowed for discussion without obvious hurt feelings. Impressive. On the other side, was a post on Broken, Not Shattered that, to over-simplify, said a version of, “Here’s what I think. What about you?” It was just conversation. Pretty cool. Some day, maybe, I’ll find a way to be an out-of-the-closet moderate-behaving non-moderate-believing blogular person. For now, I’ll be grateful for those who are.

It's Dana!

It’s Dana!

Finally, there’s a blog, swimming in the shucking tub, I’ve certainly mentioned, but never in the glowing burst of sincerity that it deserves. Why? I’m still wrestling with the right amount of privacy and that mysterious blogger is, in fact, my awesome partner Dana. That’s her to the left … well an electronic version of her. Dana is an immensely talented creative person who, more and more, has been converting her creative skill into actual creative production. First it was jewelry making. Then, diverse other things like painting or sculptural things including the glitter vomit (a little like Santogold’s first album cover) that hangs from my rear view mirror. Lately, she’s started writing. Is she good? Yes, and she’s getting better. Sure, she could always tell stories. Now, she’s turned that skill into her very own blog. I’ve never seen anyone get better as quickly as she has. Never. I am really proud of Dana. She’s the best part of my world, this week and any week.

Was it a good week? Yes it was. Thank you for asking.

9 thoughts on “Best of the Week, Week 13, 2013

  1. I quite enjoy swimming in the shucking tub. You two are becoming a blogular powerhouse. Remember what Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Another Uncle Ben said “Take the rice off the heat and let it sit 5 minutes. Fluff with fork. Serve.” Both are great advice. Be responsible when fluffing that delicious rice you two serve up to the world.

    Good stuff.

    • Rice? Spiderman? I can hardly stop laughing long enough to sound coherent.

      Maybe, there’s a two blog series of rice posts coming soon. That’s not too controversial, is it? I can still look middle-of-the-road while I lean far to one mysterious side.

  2. Your best “best of” yet. Dana is lovely, and you being my Justin Timberlake makes her Jessica Beil (but Dana has more talent and is prettier). I look forward to perusing her blog more fully.

    Ugh with the same sex marriage issue. I have been spending some time reading the underlying cases that are before the Supreme Court and the legal issues seem a lot less glamorous than the public debate. I am thinking of posting but I am still spent from Steubenville. The cuteness of baby animals is a lot less controversial.

    • Thank you, Jess. Yeah, I’m mighty fond of Dana and, you couldn’t have known it, but Dana’s a Jessica Biel fan.

      From all of I’ve heard from the true legal types (i.e. not the ones yelling on various TV/radio shows), it sounds like the legal issues and the common sense issues barely overlap. Ugh! Still, it’d be cool to hear your views on the issue (that haven’t been in comments elsewhere), although, honestly, you’re doing just fine (i.e. awesome) with what you’re writing already.

  3. I would LOVE to hear Jess’s views on the issue too!!!
    So far, in my little corner of the world it’s been a for and against solely on religious reasons, and it’s been extremely heated. (arghhh)
    I’m enjoying hearing (reading) everybody’s views from a non religious viewpoint. It’s refreshing, even if their opinion differs from my own. :)
    So nice to ‘meet’ the other half of Agent Orange :) (the name I mistakingly called you after first seeing a comment you made on my blog and couldn’t correctly recall ‘sounds like orange’. You was then, are still and probably will forever be known as ‘Agent Orange’)
    I will check out Dana’s blog. It sounds just from your description of her, that I will enjoy it. We share a few interests…jewelry making, sculpture, maybe not so much glitter vomit…..even if I’m not sure what exactly that is. (I feel a google moment coming on)

  4. Well technically you were a ‘Secret Agent’ until I mentioned it. I’m good with faces, terrible with names, hence the mistake.
    I could play a theme song, but unfortunately it may come out sounding like the opening of ‘Hotel California’ or ‘Lyin eyes’ (I purchased an Eagles song book and that’s all I can play right now)

Am I wrong?