Good and Bad Day, All at Once

So, there I was feeling kind of crappy. I wasn’t at work. 20130816-125942.jpgThat helped … a little. I wanted to write, but felt too crappy. I wanted to read, but felt too crappy. Do you see the pattern here? Then, from the comfort of my own bed, I checked by blogular email. 13 emails? WTF? Guess what was first: I got Freshly Pressed!!! Not here, no, because this very blog lives outside of WordPress’s virtual walls. No, over on my brand new anything-goes blog, The Marmot in My Head where I went off about health. Now, I feel crappy and awesome. Now, I have a billion (just a few, actually) comments to reply to. Now, I get to write, one snappy paragraph at once.

Why a new blog? Well, this one, this orangey one is the treasure. It’s where I spew are, about art, or just spew. It’s special to me. It’s what really matters. This is where I try to create art, chaotic lighthearted art. Here is where my carefully considered thoughts emerge. This is where I put the best of my soul. The other place? That’s where I just let it all out. You, dear reader, are in the VIP section. The ambience over there is pretty cool, too, but this is home.

So, It’s been a crappy day. It’s been an awesome day. What could be better/worse? Tomorrow, of course. I wonder what will happen then? I can/can’t wait.

28 thoughts on “Good and Bad Day, All at Once

    • Thank you! It’s a great place for when I want to write but have nothing to write about. Plus, I can mess up over there and not ruin this cool home!

  1. Just let the crappy day envelop you and restart tomorrow! Don’t push your self do to something you don’t feel like doing. I love reading about nothing! SO this is a good place for me… Oh and I like orange. so… theres that too!

    • Everyone needs a second dose of randomness!

      Honestly, the first third of the FP post makes me cringe. I want to make it better but that seems like cheating.

  2. Wow, Freshly Pressed, well done! I’m new at your blog but I certainly like your writing style! Good luck with your future blogging, I am following you closely šŸ˜‰


    • Definitely. On the other hand, feeling crappy reminds me life is real. I don’t want too much of that lesson, but occasional reminders are good.

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