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Sometimes you get music, sometimes some thoughts, but once in a while, isn’t it nice to just check out some cool videos? I won’t stoop to cat videos, although, in my cheesy moments, I’ll watch them just so you don’t have to. So, before departing for a long weekend, I present to you two cool stories and their associated videos.

1) Crystal Castle’s “Untrust Us”. I’m not a fan of Crystal Castles, not yet. This Toronto based duo performs glitchy electronic music with a flair for the uncomfortable and the super-arty. Their eponymous first album opening track, “Untrust Us”, has a weird but catchy feel including the following hard-to-understand lyrics (click for crude partial translation or talk to Sweetness6645 for the real thing):

La cocaina no
Es buena
Para su salud

La cocaina
Is not good for you

With those lyrics, distorted though they may be, it may be surprising to have the song performed by a children’s choir … and yet, it happened, spectacularly. The Capital Children’s Choir takes on the entire song, lyrics, music and all, making it over from an electronic impersonal song to something beautifully haunting. Since I stumbled across it, I watch and/or listen to this two or three times a week, entranced. It’s your turn:

2) While perusing eMusic looking for my next music fix, I stumbled across an article about a performance by Unlocking the Truth. The performance apparently wasn’t the best (could you do better?), but the story of the band is fascinating, best told by the video just below. An early teenage band is interesting, yes. If the band is from Brooklyn, that’s better yet. The part that struck me, and embarrasses me a little, is that the band members are three African Americans, defying expectations. The band plays heavy metal and, somehow, the contrast between reality and expectations is really fun. I had a stereotype that hadn’t yet emerged into a real bias and … well, while I squirm, watch for yourself:

6 thoughts on “Just Two Videos

  1. This is just so amazing…can’t wait to share this – both of these vids. I forgive you for the cats videos. Really, I do. Watch them all you want as long as you kick a few of these out from time to time :)

  2. You always manage to find this really unique and interesting stuff as far as music goes. I’m really impressed with the guys from Unlocking the Truth. While metal isn’t my thing, I still think they are pretty good

    • Yeah, whether or not they’re great musicians, it’s cool that they follow their passion however different it may be. I want to be like that when I grow up.

  3. I am most impressed with their whole concept. The “fake tour” is actually pretty awesome, if they keep doing this, this might hint that they will ace the actual work that goes into having and touring with a band. The band-logo on the drums…I love this whole big inspiration.

  4. Yes thanks for sharing the vids man. Those metal kids are ahead of their time, following their passion and having simultaneously taught me how to dream again. I love the fake tour – that is how it starts.

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