Talk About … Rock, Music and Other Thoughts

OK, in this blog you mostly find talk about rock music, but, in Soviet Russia, rock music talk about you … oh my, I crack me up sometimes. That Yakov Smirnoff was something wasn’t he? But, really, I insist on talking about rock of all kinds: the stuff in my head, the kind strewn about the mountains, and people living on the other side of them. But, will there be music? I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. I’ve just been pondering life and this is one result, a short list of barely-related thoughts.

The rocks (from my head?), perhaps namesakes of the Rocky Mountains

The rocks (from my head?), perhaps namesakes of the Rocky Mountains

Side A (Rocks in My Head): Last weekend, I did all the normal fun things but without all the normal fun. The bike was ridden, but not in an epic fashion. The hike was taken in a scenic beautiful place, going farther/higher than expected. But, with the rocks in my head, it just wasn’t all fun. “Rocks in my head” is shorthand for “I was a dumbass, acting like a dumbass, and not being much fun to hang out with.” Still, Dana did  tolerate me as we somehow made it all the way to Crater Lakes (not to be confused with the 8 other identically named lakes in Colorado) looking directly at the 1000 foot wall of the Continental Divide. Along the way, the rocks spilled out my head and we had an awesome time almost sprinting down the hill past the geriatric group, the athletic ladies-with-babies-in-backpacks, the wilderness campers, and even the impending storm (our real reason for hurrying). The cliffs, the lake, the waterfalls, all beautiful, but it was the rocks that drew my eye.

Side B (Over the Rockies and Through the Woods) : Out of the blue, I heard from someone from my hometown far back in the remote land of _______ (redacted to protect the innocent). She blamed me, kindly, for some of her good taste in music. I, in turn, blamed her for some of my own good taste. But that’s only musical taste. It turns out she is now a professional viola player in a professional orchestra just on the other side of the Rockies. I remember some of what she wanted from life and, now, she seems to have it, more or less (she didn’t end up marrying Mikhail Baryshnikov). People do that? People get what they want? That’s great!

So I’ve found myself just thinking. There’s no TV. It broke and we’re not fixing/replacing it. Card games, our fun new hobby, don’t stop the thoughts. Books? Boring. I’m just thinking. What if? What if I get what I want? I have some of it. What if I get it all? Can I still have rocks in my head? I hope Dana’s involved. I really want that!

6 thoughts on “Talk About … Rock, Music and Other Thoughts

  1. I think you can have it all – here’s a recipe: Be nice. Don’t be a dumbass anymore. Rattle the rocks in your head once in awhile to shake things up (but you can keep them for as long as you’d like). Make forward progress.
    I think I will use this recipe too- it’s universal.

  2. You gotta love those rocks in the head moments. They’re reminders of why we don’t like being that dumbass you mentioned.

    Sounds like you’re well on your way to having it all. And if you get no more than what you already have now, I’d say you have perfect person to share it all with at this point. Win-win.

  3. Perhaps with side A it was fog and not rocks and the altitude and thinner air dissipated it. Nothing like a breath of fresh, clean air to get rid of a fog, and promote healthy growth. As for side B, maybe if you rock the rocks and not let the rocks rock you, you can achieve at least a portion of your Nirvana with your Dana.

Am I wrong?