Music Sneaks Back In … A Little

For the record, I still mostly hate music. So far, music has decided not to hate me and, for that, I am grateful. What, you ask, has music done to me? Simply put, it didn’t answer life’s big questions at the right time for me. In short, it wasn’t magic. Oh sure, some of it may sound magical, but that’s much less powerful than the magic I needed. My magic comes only from long lasting hard work or from banging my head against the soft cushy sofa … one of those. Still, I purchased my very own copy of Janelle Monáe‘s latest album The Electric Lady. I did no research. I looked at no reviews. I did nothing but wait for the release date and immediately press the purchase button of my chosen vendor of music digitalia (does that word sound vulgar to you, too?). Now, I have the new album and, although it won’t tell me bed time stories or complement me on my humor, it seems very capable of doing it’s actual job quite well … when I’m ready for it.

Alternate cover to The Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe

Alternate cover to The Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe

If you want my more detailed opinion, skip forward into the future, passing back any stray lottery numbers you find there. For now, let’s just say it sounds good, sometimes really good. Did I enjoy it? I did not, but that’s about me and not the album. I’m sure I will enjoy it. After all, who wouldn’t?

I am honestly not a fan of much R&B. I just don’t like the excessive drama that must come from rhythmic contraction of the performer’s abdominal muscles. I’m not accusing the genre of being peristalstic, but I do find it’s emphasis on “I feel SO strongly” to be a bit off-putting. Oddly, that’s the current feature of my blogging making me a hypocrite. So sue me! In any event, Miss Monáe does not fall prey to those annoying exercises. Her music combines and ornateness of production with a simplicity of concept. Fun ornaments flit by before you notice them, not letting you think long and hard about their cleverness. It just works.

So, until I can think more clearly about this album, I’ll leave you with this min-post. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion about this or anything else because I am frankly clueless … about almost everything.

6 thoughts on “Music Sneaks Back In … A Little

  1. David, David, David. You need to take a look at my friend Tim Young’s children’s book “I Hate Picture Books.” Though not a bedtime story, exactly, it will help you, I think. And you may consider this a cyber hug – which involves no digitalia at all – yes, that word sounds…eeww.

Am I wrong?