I Understand Nirvana

I enjoyed Nirvana, the band. Nirvana, the sense of a peace of mind, has often escaped me. The band? Now, they make more sense to me in one small lyrical way. So, to paraphrase: Here I am now, entertain me.

You see, I’m bored. Without ongoing stress to monopolize my time, I’m just bored. So, entertain me. Someone? OK, I’ll find something to do … maybe a quick post about a trivial thought …

22 thoughts on “I Understand Nirvana

  1. Wanna come do my laundry? Or if you feel like doing something fun on wordpress, chick wendig at terribleminds is asking for 3-sentence horror stories. Quick and fun. Check out his post from Friday. Or you can queue up the Nirvana. I heard they are being inducted into r&r hall of fame. You can grab an instrument and play the first 16 notes of “come as you are” over and over too. Or stare at the wall. The possibilities are endless David!

  2. I sort of remember boredom. It was a result of too much focus…when I widened the field, the boredom shrank to a word on a page. Boredom is kind of the intellectual equivalent of a good tan: the effect of idleness. You need to engage yourself in the intellectual equivalent of welding…some heavy lifting, danger, fire, protective equipment. I’m thinking for you…hmmm. Take band names from the past in one list, and current band names in another. Create a third list that is comprised of the love children of the other two lists. You could market the result…bands are clearly out of options.
    By the way, the three word horror story? “Do my laundry.” Is going to give me nightmares.

    • I definitely had too much focus and, with that part gone, I’m in unfamiliar territory.

      I’m glad you read that as three-word horror story. That was my first impression, too. My three-word version: “This won’t end.” It works for almost anything, even laundry.

  3. Commenting would be much too strenuous, and take me out of my “train-of-thought”… Stressing over how much of Nothing I have to do.. and just all day to do it..!! (Talk about stress occupying my time..) Ahh… My Nirvana…

    • Adverbs? Not likely? Entertainingly, maybe. Gut bacteria? This AM someone gave a presentation about statistical methods for measuring guy bacteria. Really.

        • No, thank goodness! That’s one legitimate treatment I want to pretend doesn’t exist. This one was all math but then applied it to data from a study of gut bacteria in obese and non-obese people. Short version: they’re different.

    • Yup. It’s like moving to a new town, unpacking, and then what? When I had the daily dose of stress at home, I knew what to do. Now? I’m clueless. So I took a half day off, planted myself in a coffee shop, and tried to be a creative writer, and an appealing potential friend. What’s better boredom or public place puppy dog eyes?

  4. I remember hearing Nevermind for the first time – I know we’re all supposed to be blasé and cool about it now in 2013, but it was like plugging my CNS into the mains.

    My advice? look like you’re having a great time by yourself especially when you aren’t, it’s dishonest (well no more than most social interactions) but it works.

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