Miscellaneous Monday … or Any Day

Just a few things clogging up the brain:

  • I watched a concert video of Goat, one my favorite psychedelic bands from Sweden (“one of my favorite bands” is also accurate). They perform in odd costumes and masks, obscuring most/all the faces of the band members. That’s fine, I suppose, but seems a bit silly to me. The band claims that it is to make the connection between audience and band take place solely through the music. OK, but there is a visual/relational component, too. For that, we get four instrumentalists in masks hanging out rather stoically (for the music) in the background and the two female singers swirling a little too-theatrically up front. The music is great, so I’ll forgive other artistic pretense, but I’m still calling it ‘pretense’.

  • I’ve been listening to Mr. Hubner’s latest release, Odd Geometry, collaborating with his friend Shane Darin Page as Cambodia Highball. It’s really interesting listening which I will discuss later on. For now, one of the title tracks, “Odd Geometry I” (through repeat listening, I haven’t made it beyond that) is honest-to-goodness space jazz. Alternately, this is what spacey arty electronic music would sound like, performed solely by more traditional analogue rock instruments. Intriguing, eh? I was, am, and will be.
  • Today, I spent five minutes trying to get into my office using … umm … the wrong key. You see, I have two offices, one of my own, and the other, six miles away, that I share. I’ve known this, but now I’ve proven it: each office has a different key; that’s why I have two keys. Science moves on, one experiment at a time.
  • If I rewound my life to about 10 years ago, you’d find me thinking, “Hey, there’s a few categories of music, I really want to appreciate, but don’t know how.” Maybe I even said it. I just don’t know. I’d ask Mr. Michael J. Fox to go verify it, but he has much more important business (fund raisers, life, etc.). Among those categories: bluegrass, electronic, and jazz. Well, in glancing at a couple of years of music, I can sort of check off one out of three. Somehow, I’ve found a small, but legitimate array of electronic musical artists to enjoy (or not). In rewind, I had KLF, that’s it. Now, I’ve supplemented with (alphabetically) Bassnectar, Caribou, Factory Floor, Forest Swords, Grimes, Keep Shelly in Athens, Niyaz, and several more. Yeah, it’s not the most detailed or deep collection, but it’s real. I’ve discovered, too, that, like any category, there’s spectacular music I love and hate, as well as boring music I love and hate. It’s the same kind of messy family as punk! That’s kind of comforting.
  • As I write this, a day or more before you read it, I’ve begun writing my crappy novel, not with any designs on a new career, but just to try it out and if, by accident, several agents/publishers take time out of their schedules to reject my work, all the better. Meanwhile, it scares me a little. Not in a way requiring therapy, but as I encounter a new kind of challenge. I ‘knew’, in advance, that I could do it and that, in some ways, this month long novel-writing challenge would go well. I’ll write the words. Of that, I’m sure. What surprises me is that I want even more to write blog posts on this blog (my first/only love) and over there on the marmot-themed one. I write more/better blog posts (I think) than ever before. As I struggle through the first few days of the write-a-fucking-novel-in-30-days thing, I crave easier writing, writing that I know how to do, writing like this. I reward myself by writing posts. Odd, isn’t it. Torture yourself to write and reward yourself with writing. It works, though, for now.

I can’t tell if my brain is unclogged yet, but I certainly feel better! Thank you for coming by. Don’t forget to tip your servers, if you can find them …

11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday … or Any Day

  1. You might enjoy dipping into “Rush,” as a lot of their sound is not dissimilar to what I heard of the Goat video (I admit I didn’t listen to all of it). This may help you with the ten year rewind, as they’ve been around FOREVER.

    Other alternatives to alternate music choices might include Blue Rodeo and Great Big Sea.

    • Rush? Not a bad suggestion, but I find them a bit too smooth and mannered for my tastes. Goat? It’s kind of frantic and, for now, at least, I find that to be pretty fun!

      Blue Rodeo and Great Big Sea? Hmmm … something I’ve never heard of? An opportunity to investigate new things? That sounds fun!

      • Depending on how different you want to go on your somewhat revised musical tastes, Corb Lund is more toward the Country line without having to shoot your dog, etc. Got a rotten joke for that part of Country music – maybe later.

  2. I missed the challenge last year because knowyourmeme wrote about it on November the 30th for some sadistic reason. However, I started my own challenge in January this year (it’s a good month for writing as well because the weather is so depressing that I hate going out). It’s scary how easy it is to churn out a semi-decent story in a month (because you never stop to question it…that’s the way to go) but oh…they never tell you about the fact that it’s the first draft and the real work begins after that. Rewriting can be a bitch. But before I destroy the giddiness of the process for you, it was real fun and it’s a great feeling to stomp through this in 30 days and actually finish something for once (says I, having approx. 10-20 unfinished novels on my backup harddrive). So, enjoy the ride, we hopefully get to read the result sometime.

    • I’ve been surprised at how my poor plot planning makes it so easy to write myself off a cliff. I’m pretty good at the sentence/paragraph/concept level, but at the novel level? I am faking it!

      • I am actually convinced that faking it is the best way to get through. Hey, if you look it at this way, faking it is just another way of being creative which is all you have to do…well, that and keep on writing.

  3. I’ve never listened to Goat until now. I can’t bring myself to watch this (the costumes and dancing take my attention away from the music), but I’m listening and I like it. The bassist sounds phenomenal.

    • If my first intro to Goat had been by the video, I would NOT have been a fan. Meeting them through my ears made the video more comfortable, but not actually comfortable.

      Oddly, I’ve never thought about the bass … gotta go listen some more!

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