This Music, Right Here

There are two musical trends in the world right now: psychedelic and electronic. Maybe there’s more. I don’t know. I can only see the trends as they explode around me. I admit it. Those trends are trends inside my own musical tastes, but I’m not sure if they’re blossoming flowers or rusty handcuffs.

Can I have these please? Please! Moog calls it the Moogerfooger All-In-One

I do not have the benefit of history since, looking back on today requires strange vehicles from Michael J Fox movies. I don’t have such a vehicle available (mine’s in the shop), so I just have to make it up. Every bit of new appealing music I see fits into one of two categories: psychedelic or electronic. Sure, sometimes it’s a poor fit. Is it psychedelic if it’s just sloppy garage rock? I guess it depends on the substances used in the studio. Is it electronic if there are rocking guitar breaks? If the guitar pedals come from Moog, you can be damn sure it is!

Of course, this trend I see probably has nothing to do with reality. A quick glance at Billboard’s current charts proves that … WTF! There it is, loads of electronic music except not the cool creative stuff, but the generic danceable DJ stuff. Of course, alongside that are the big personality big stars you might expect, but, aside from possible personal psychedelic experience, none are overtly psychedelic.

I can explain, I think. Everything new I hear that is not psychedelic or electronic really sucks. OK, everything except Savages. They don’t suck. But everything else. Really.

Actually, I could have saved you the time. Right now, that’s just what I like. Pop? No thanks, too fluffy. Punk? Nah, the new stuff doesn’t feel as raw as it once did. Metal? Sure, for a few minutes, but it’s just so aggressive. Hip-hop? Check the ego at the door and what’s left. I’m in my rut because I choose it. This is my sandbox. Now, pass the dumptruck, will you?

8 thoughts on “This Music, Right Here

  1. Sorry, but handcuffs don’t rust, being made of alloys including such metals as carbon steel, stainless steel, or even aluminum. Some handcuffs are even made from certain types of plastics, some of which look like the traditional type of ratcheting style metal ones, as well as so called zip cuffs, which are similar to plastic tie-offs sometimes used in the trades to secure cable to another object running along the same course, or to create bundles of cable.

    Are there any cats near your sandbox?

  2. I don’t find myself comfortable with most psychedelic or electronic music. Nor pop, nor R&B these days. Maybe I am getting old that way. The only radio music (besides classic rock stations) I have gravitated toward in recent months is country. And I have never liked country. I reckon I dislike the other stuff out there more?

    • I didn’t used to like either of these much either. Honestly, I like other categories better, but this is just drawing me in. I have really wanted to enjoy country music, but 90% of the time, I hear it and want to run screaming. Meanwhile, the bloops-and-bleeps and swirly guitars are filling in nicely.

      In case you hear electronic dance music (the most popular electronic stuff) that is NOT my taste.

      How do you feel listening to the same songs of 20 years ago? I go crazy. Some friends seem soothed.

  3. Electro-psyche? My big problem with either is that I wind up questioning the musicianship…maybe not the tech skills, but the pursuit of music as triumphant over technology. I do not question the angst. :)

    • I know what you mean. I feel that most strongly with electronic music. Sure, it took some skill and creativity to create the piece — maybe even excellent compositional skills — but, if all you have to do to perform it is press a button, it’s not as impressive. Factory Floor, a recent post topic, changed my mind a little bit when I saw how a pre-programmed sequence can be manipulated live with knob twiddling (they have live instrumentation, too). It starts with a button push, but then twisting of knobs changes the quality of the sound dramatically making it into something else. I hadn’t considered that as musical, per se. Now, I think a little differently. Still, good point!

Am I wrong?