It’s Foxy

OK, yeah, I haven’t been here so much, sue me. Life is life and it’s virtually impossible to talk about music when, for the moment, music is not life. Good enough? Cool.

Still, I had a moment where I heard something that really really made me happy. You, who are much more trend-savvy than I am, have probably already heard this, but, for my sake, let’s pretend. While listening to Sound Opinions recently, the hosts presented their mix tapes for 2013 (an episode not even available on their website). The grumpier of the two hosts, Jim Derogatis, included actual pop songs on his list and I found myself replaying two of them over and over. The first, Lorde’s “Royals”, was an almost candy-coated version of Fiona Apple’s last album. The second, even lighter/fluffier was taken from a viral video of Norway’s own Ylvis called “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”. If I’d heard it just on my computer speakers, I’d never cared for it, but I listened to it on the decent sound system in my car and, my oh my, it was just fun. Now, because I’m so generous, I thought I’d give you select few and chance to either appreciate something new or pretend that you heard it hear first. Either way, it’s just fun and I like having fun.

Now, after that, I have to wonder if even basic rock music is too serious. Or, maybe it’s just a quick piece of fudge to hold me over ’til the next substantial meal. Whatever … it’s fun.

12 thoughts on “It’s Foxy

  1. Ok, that was just a hoot…and it is fresh to me…no pretense. Problem now is that is keeps playing in my brain – even as I hear the foxes in the yard at night…I actually know what the fox say…

    • Me, too. Just simple simple fun. If I hear it 10 more times, I’ll start hating it, but, for now, it’s just simple simple fun.

      • Maybe that’s the problem. I’ve heard it 1000 times.

        But when I first heard it, I thought it was a blast. Funny, good music, hilarious video…

        Then the boy asked me to play it 20 more times that day. Ugh.

          • It’s better than Itsy Bitsy Spider.

            When he really gets into pop or rock or rap or indie or whatever he’s going to get into, I’ll be so thankful to ditch the kiddie music.

            Unless he’s into country.

            I’ll have to put my foot down on that.

Am I wrong?