About Me

My name is David. Your name is (probably not) Veronica. I like and dislike all kinds of music, contradict myself, and change my mind. I have an opinion, but I’ll never insist that you share it. I think that I hear things (in a non-institutionalizable fashion) that no one else does, so, yeah, I’m a bit of a music snob. I don’t intend to be confrontational. I reserve all scorn for my own thoughts, tastes, and those of anyone unfortunate enough to share them. Whatever music you like is awesome in some, possibly twisted, way.

Why “Sounds Like Orange”? At first, I wanted to call it “Too Much Orange” just because it sounded like it meant something, but it didn’t – a perfect title to a collection of my random thoughts. My brother and my SO, without consulting with each other, thought about synesthesia a condition that fascinates all of us. So, since “Synesthesia of Orange” was too hard to spell and say, I just simplified to “Sounds Like Orange.” It has nothing to do with rhyming or trapping gullible people (related internet memes). It’s just a name. Good enough? OK.

Why blog at all? I’m glad you asked:

  1. Creative self-expression – I want to force myself to regularly be creative and put it out there into the big wide scary world. I don’t have the discipline to do the same thing in a quiet little private journal.
  2. For a sense of community – To find other like-minded, compatible-minded, and/or just fun-minded people willing/interested in sharing their thoughts and reactions just because … well it’s fun. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper, more healthy, and more fulfilling than bar-hopping.
  3. Attention – I do want feedback. I don’t want to exist in complete anonymity. I don’t need to make a mark in the world, but it would be nice if something I do results in a little temporary stain or escaped droplet of food coloring.

Finally, I recently discovered that, on a dare, I will write about almost anything. It may not be exactly what you expect (I have my own vision!), but try me … I dare you.