The Pursuit of Irrelevance

Once upon a time, October 4, 2013, to be specific, I decided my goal is irrelevance. Irrelevance can mean dire things to some, but, to me, it’s just the freedom to pursue my creative dreams without any need to stay on task, be productive, or be reliable. I want to feel so irrelevant that I can pursue my dreams with nary a consequence in sight (beyond the embarrassment if using the word ‘nary’)

Step 1/2/6/8.9987/whatever in my journey through irrelevance: write a damn novel in a damn month for no damn reason except a bunch of other people thought it sounded cool and thus proposed to do it themselves in the same damn month … [gasp] … and thus might prove to be a cool way for me to just be creative. So, how’s it going? See for yourself! After November 1, 2013, the little doodad should start growing in impressiveness. If it reaches 50,000, I win the grand prize: permission to boast to myself and a big bunch of words to edit and expand upon until they, too, reach irrelevance.